Welcome to Goodluck Consultancies - Helping you to realise your fullest potential

Goodluck Consultancies is a Psycho-Social Practice incorporating evidence-based Psychology and Social Work knowledges, principles and practices.

Individually customised help from qualified Psychologists, Social workers and Healers is available for a wide range of personal and interpersonal issues including:

Work and Career
Employee Assistance (EAP)
Personal direction, meaning and purpose
Grief and Loss
Recovery from Addictions
Postural/movement pain and problems
Life Coaching
Recovery from Abuse
Conflict Resolution and Mediation
Shyness and Self Confidence issues
Mental Health Strategies
Family Matters
Defining and Achieving Goals
Body Transformation - Body Work
Life Satisfaction

Principal Practitioner Gregory Goodluck is a qualified, experienced, caring and insightful registered Psychologist and qualilfied mental health Social Worker with a wide ranging, ecclectic array of insights, skills and solutions for psycho-social challenges.

Contact Details

Goodluck Consultancies
Suite 2 - 4 Martina Street Wanguri NT 0810
Phone: 08 89810064
Mobile: 0412 421 036
Fax: 08 89110606

Email: info@goodluckconsultancies.com.au
Postal Address
4 Martina Street Wanguri NT
NT 0810

GC Philosophy

We look at the big picture when working with individuals, families and groups.

Personal growth is at the heart of the Goodluck Consultancies Philosophy. We believe that if you want to change your world it helps to start with yourself. Problems often hold opportunities waiting to be revealed. Any challenge, big or small, can be made easier with professional help. Goodluck Consultancies apply holistic bio-psycho-social-cultural-spiritual understandings of the human condition. We assist a diversity of people to navigate through the many contexts in which they may find themselves.

GC Approach

Goodluck Consultancies seeks to take account of all aspects of people’s situations from nutritional, cognitive (thoughts, memories, perceptions, beliefs), affective (mood, emotions), social (family of origin, relationships past and present, affiliations etc.), cultural (beliefs, practices, prohibitions, expectations etc.) and spiritual (meanings and understandings etc.).The major focus of Goodluck Consultancies is the interface between the individual Psyche and Social Systems. We apply Cognitive, Behavioural, Narrative, Acceptance and Commitment, Mindfulness based, Relaxation, Stress Reduction, and problem solving approaches, using client centred, strengths based, empowerment models of understanding and treatment according to need.

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