Spiritual Healing

Reiki, Spiritual and Subtle Energy Healing may help you.

Reiki and other forms of Spiritual Healing and Subtle Energy Healing can help you to relax, be more integrated physically, mentally and emotionally, clear blockages in your energetic system and enhance the mind-body-spirit systems' innate healing processes.

You can experience immediate and long term benefits from a Reiki Healing session.

What is Reiki?

Reiki can involve placing hands on or hands just above the body. The object of this type of healing is to focus and channel subtle life force energy or ki (chi, Prahna etc.) to the client via the hands of the practitioner.

Every living thing has a life force of subtle energies around it.

Think about what you do if you stub your toe or knock your knee? Most people instinctively place their hands there. Why? Subtle healing energy. That's why! This is also why a parent will instinctively gently put their hand on a child's sore spot after a bump, knock or fall.

The Reiki practitioner has undergone 'attunements', training and practice in tuning into subtle cues of the client's system to place hands on or near sites of importance to the flow of energy in the patients body and energetic system.

This type of healing energy has a tendency to go where it is most needed, like water flowing in and filling up gaps in a jar full of stones.

Energy also flows where attention goes.

Reiki is based in part on Medicine Buddha traditions and other ancient Tibetan and greater asian secrets, and was first brought together in it's current form in Japan early last century.

Gregory Goodluck has been practicing Reiki and other forms of Spiritual and Subtle Energy Healing since the 1990s. He was attuned in Reiki level one and two at a Rainbow Gathering in the Tasmanian Wilderness and recieved master attunement from a friend in Adelaide soon after that.

Gregory was accredited as a Spiritual Healer with the South Australian Spiritual Healers Association (SASHA) after an intense association with the Rosa Tingey New Age Spiritualist Mission.

Gregory also recieved instruction and training in various related Spiritual Healing of various modalities from Shamanic Practitioners, Zen-Tantric-Shaman Deva Daricha of the Centre for Human Transformation and Don Adlam (of Next Step).

Gregory has also been practicing and exploring Yoga, Tai Chi, Zazen and other forms of energetic self healing for around two decades.

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Nature is a great healer when we let her in.

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