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Electronic Payments & Health Funds

Electronic Payment for our Services can be made using Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Medicare Cards and Health Fund Cards using our HICAPS EFTPOS machine.

If you have health cover with one of the Health Funds below, we can simply swipe your card to see how much of the fee they cover and to have the health fund pay that amount electronically without having do anything else. The HICAPS machine will also prompt for any gap payment which can be made using, credit/debit card or cash.

HICAPS Participating

Payment & Reconciliation Solution

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Note: In the rare event that the HICAPS EFTPOS system goes down, payment can be made by cash, or by giving credit card details, and a receipt taken to the health fund for re-imbursement.

Medicare payments can also be make through the HICAPS machine using medicare cards so no need to go to the medicare office for reimbursement.

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