Real Men

Being a man is about facing your fear and respecting it, not-being a gung ho, self centred and reckless fool. "Men's Groups" is a phrase that conjures up stereotyped images! One extreme is the wild, drum beating, loin cloth wearing, forest dwelling, Masculinist, essentialist, group. Another is the reluctant or apologist, under duress, Feminist, gender re-education, "men need to take more responsibility and less entitlement", institutional, kind of group.

At Goodluck Consultancies we are for Men being Men, and Men and Women respecting and celebrating one another in all our diversity; And part of that is to encourage men to join together safely to explore what's important in a tolerant and non-judgemental setting.

We believe that all persons have good in them and, given the right set of opportunities, we can all be truly magnificent.

If you want to get in-touch with your wild man and beat a drum and go bush then that could be arranged (loin-cloth optional). If you want to discuss changing gender roles and expectations and how to be a real man loving and supporting those you care about, liberating your self and others from self obsessed woundedness, that's possible.

If you want to do both wild-man and nurturing-man work concurrently, lets do it! We believe in celebrating Men and Women for all the good things we can bring to one-another and the communities and children we are responsible for and accountable to. We believe in the value of men having space to ask together, "What is important to us as men? And how do we make it happen? Perhaps Nurturing-Wild-Men is what the world needs now. Peaceful Warriors, rebuilding a world gone mad with selfishness, greed, anger and illusions.

Are you seeking to live to your true potential as a guardian of the common good? What do you think/feel/know/believe/want?


To Register your interest in Men's Groups, phone Gregory Goodluck on 08 8981 0064 or email

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