The nature of Healing and the healing of Nature

The healing of Nature and the naturalness of healing processes are all part and parcel of the holistic worldview that places our healing and the healing of nature in the same conceptual space.

After a couple of days and nights in the forests of the Perth Hills doing some healing work, I am now contemplating the power of the value of 'getting back to nature'.

From a certain perspective, the processes of healing ourselves ultimately cannot be divorced from the processes of healing Nature.
When we heal ourselves we heal part of Nature (ourselves are part of Nature).

When we heal Nature we provide healing to ourselves on both a physical sense and a psychospiritual sense. It is in our nature to heal self and others, and to heal Nature.

Nature has provided us the means to heal within ourselves, to heal our natures and also to be part of the process of healing Nature.

We are in Nature.
We are Nature.
Nature is in us.
Nature is us.

From this perspective, much of our psychospiritual and physical woundedness arises from historical attempts by humans to split humans from Nature, causing a schism from our own essential natures and from larger Nature. This artificial and impossible split from Nature simultaneously causes our own demise and the demise of Nature. This situation has the ingredients for our downfall as Nature effortlessly seeks to balance and equilibriate such that offending elements of the ecology become enemies of the ecology and the system conspires naturally to eliminate them - Us!

But I am saying something deeper. Not only does divorcing our notions of self from Nature cause ecological damage, which impinges badly back onto us psychologically and physically as a species, but our very inner equilibrium suffers a psychospiritual wound the moment we turn on Nature and harm her.

Having the humility to slow down and listen to Nature (inner and outer – an artificial distinction) we benefit in a number of ways. Firstly, just the process of slowing down to the speed of Life has many physiological benefits to the cardiovascular system and nervous systems, digestive systems and immune systems. The optimal vibrational state for an easy, awake contemplative brain or mind is the alpha state 8-12 Hz (cycles per second), which is the same frequency of the background vibrations of the earth and nature.

In unnatural states and environments, as we get more and more revved up in brain and mind the more revved up can become our hearts and blood vessels which can increase blood pressure and cardiac strain. If our nervous systems are overwrought our digestive systems suffer and so do our immune systems.

Getting back to our Natural state of wellbeing can benefit us in many ways. And when we appreciate Nature more, we feel naturally inclined to help to heal her in turn, thus restoring the symbiotic cycles our ancestors took for granted and that still hold deep significance in many living indigenous cultures to which we must turn for inspiration and understanding of our place in the big scheme of things if we are to survive.

These traditional worldviews offer a wealth of knowledges and practices to heal ourselves if we have the humility to open up our paradigms from the narrow mechanistic worldview legacy of the 'enlightenment' and industrialisation. A worldview that made certain changes possible, but which has limited application and needs to be put back in it's place as a limited solution for a limited set of problems.

I end this post with a quote from the Australian Joke band called "This Is Serious Mum" (TISM):
"Could the last person to leave please turn off the 'enlightenment'" (TISM).

It is time to become truly post enlightment in our paradigms (our world views).

To be continued.

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