Beata Goodluck

Beata GoodluckBeata holds a double Science degree in Chemistry and Molecular Biology, an Associate Diploma of Analytical Chemistry and a Graduate Diploma of Education. Beata has also studied Psychology, Yoga and Massage.

She has taught Science and Mathematics in High School and Middle School as well as private tutoring.

Beata is a long term meditator and Yogin and a trainee Iyengar Yoga teacher with a strong interest in Ayurvedic Medicine. Beata is an avid reader of anatomy and bodywork texts.

Beata is the Practice Manager of Goodluck Consultancies Holistic Psycho-Social Service, utilisiing a Bio-Psycho-Social-Cultural-Spiritual view of the human condition. She is a keen student of Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda. Beata has completed Level 1 training in Body Transformation at the Centre for Human Transformation in Victoria.

Beata is an intuitive and compassionate body worker who can firmly shift painful conditions and restore a sense of ease and comfort to tense, tired and traumatised bodies.

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